A Blessing for the Retail Industry

Simon James
Simon James, Executive Vice President


Within every organization that accepts cash or cashless payments, there is a complex, interconnected network of hardware, software and back-office systems that supports the payment management processes of the organization. One can address it as a payment ecosystem that enables the organization to understand its payment positions in real-time, protect payments from shrinkage and maintain accurate records of transactions. The problem is that very few organizations enjoy a fully functioning ecosystem. Illinois based SUZOHAPP developed its CashComplete Connect line of payment management software—providing intelligent connectivity of hardware, software and back-office systems to reduce both the costs and complexity of managing cash and cashless payments—to meet the varied needs of the industries it serves and developed multiple industry editions of this market-leading platform. Hence, the gaps in the ecosystem close and an operator finds full visibility of cash positions, increased protection from shrinkage and more efficient usage of cash and other resources, resulting in significant cost savings across the operation.

With more than six decades of experience, SUZOHAPP is a global provider of market-leading payment management hardware, software, front & back office solutions for a variety of end markets, including retail, transportation, vending, banking, gaming and amusement. Under the SUZOHAPP umbrella live several brands across various industries. SUZOHAPP’s technology enables cash automation and non-cash payment solutions for customers operating in all the markets it serves.

SUZOHAPP Products include designed-in components with plug and play integration into larger solutions, as well as full-service machines used for note and coin counting, sorting, processing and storage. However, the value of these full-service machines increases significantly once enabled with SUZOHAPP’s market-leading payment automation software suite, CashComplete Connect. While capabilities such as real-time visibility of payments, accurate end-of-day reconciliation and increased security are universally useful across industries, SUZOHAPP learned quickly that each industry also had unique requirements of its payment management processes. To meet these unique needs, the company launched several different editions of the CashComplete Connect suite, including Retail Edition—an industry innovation that revolutionizes how payments are managed across the entirety of a retailer’s enterprise. Leveraging the foundation of SUZOHAPP’s market-leading CashComplete Connect payment automation software suite, Retail Edition is built specifically to meet the unique needs of the retail environment. From payment acquisition to reconciliation, it provides real-time visibility into cash positions across machines and locations, advanced analytics, and general ledger integration. Current users of Retail Edition report significant improvement in productivity, shrinkage rates and operational efficiencies, such as streamlined audit functions and reporting processes.

In an instance, one major retailer with hundreds of outlets and thousands of employees worldwide needed a reliable system to give complete visibility to and proactive management of its complex payment operations. After the implementation of Retail Edition, this large retailer realized real-time cashier balancing, remote user management, and general ledger integration. This company began seeing a return on its investment almost immediately. SUZOHAPP’s solution offers real-time analytics offering retailers with timely and actionable information which has been successfully used to optimize in-store and corporate accounting labor productivity, reduce working capital and improve cash shrink. The software interfaces with GL systems and is hardware agnostic, allowing retailers to achieve more from their existing investments in hardware and software.

Moving forward, SUZOHAPP will continue to develop its product suite introducing a new point of sale devices, self-service checkouts, kiosks and adding not only cash payments but also cashless, credit, debit and contactless payments. This coupled with their software (Cash Complete Connect) will enhance the reconciliation capabilities to streamline not only cash management but any form of payments made at purchase. Alongside, SUZOHAPP’s global footprint continues to expand in to new geographies.