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Rodrigo Sola
Rodrigo Sola, CEO & Co-Founder



“Storecheck delivers a single source of truth for all the team members, while creating data-driven business insights.”

The biggest challenges in the ever-changing Retail industry is maintaining customer loyalty, and every stage of retail operation has the potential to make or break the customer experience. Therefore, AI-oriented solutions to improve the shopping experience and fast and reliable data analytics are essential to any retailer, CPG and other players in the ecosystem such as distributors and brokers, because they tell them exactly what’s going on in their operations and business. Mexico-based Storecheck offers different solutions for the ecosystem, so CPG’s can make all their data actionable and use it to enrich the customer experience while optimizing field reps costs, related to inefficient “planned” visits to stores. Through Storecheck solutions, clients can have total visibility of the where and when should staff intervene to capitalize on sales and shopper experience opportunities.

In 2003, Antonio, Hector and Rodrigo working for big companies in Mexico, noticed that there was a dearth of tools to integrate the Retail information, and both CPG’s and brand companies spent most of their time analyzing from different sources, instead of building their brand strategies. That was when the trio thought about developing a software that could integrate information automatically from different sources, harmonize all the data, and transform it into business KPI’s, available via simple and actionable dashboards—so managers would just have to sign in every morning to see the whole picture of their business and focus on their real job—hence, Storecheck was born.

Today, Storecheck is a 4.5 Mn USD company, that works with 100 brands and has more than 18,000 users, connected to different platforms.

The key solution of the company is Storecheck Mobile that empowers the field sales and operation teams, giving them the tools that they need to operate more efficiently. It also tracks team performance and retail execution against goals, so managers can recognize their team performance and spread best practices among other teams. Most of the company’s clients use Storecheck Mobile to manage economical benefits, like bonuses or compensations, based on pre-defined drivers, so this way, the field reps get motivated to use the app, as it shows their effort and they know that they will be evaluated fairly.

Showcasing Storecheck’s competency is an instance where a consumer packaged goods firm with more than 400 brands and presence in 190 countries, needed a single trustworthy source of information to monitor multiple processes like forecasting, CPFR, S&OP, Catman and sales, among others, to achieve a flawless execution at Point of sales, regarding pricing, stocks, promotion, etc. Storecheck developed a system that would replace and automate any current or upcoming data process. Their solution was to implement the Storecheck Analytics platform to extract data daily, clean and harmonize all data and integrate algorithms that apply the business rules and deliver In-store opportunities/ customized a Perfect Store Dashboard, so they could track their stock health of each product at every store. Finally, the client implemented Storecheck’s mobile solution too, so they were able to detect any opportunity at the point of sales and visualize this data in their Perfect store dashboards.

What makes Storecheck different from its competitors is that Storecheck’s platform has the ability to combine both solutions, so field reps know exactly what to do, where and when to achieve in-stock health, monetize sales opportunities or correct in-store execution issues. While, managers can access to all the information they need, including field insights.

Storecheck is continuously working on their products and will be launching a new generation software for its Mobile app in 2020. Hence, we can say that Storecheck is not just retail technology providers, but business partners, as they help the companies to connect the dots and stop working in silos. “Storecheck delivers a single source of truth for all the team members while creating data-driven business insights,” says Rodrigo Sola, Co-founder & CEO of Storecheck.