Dedicated, Reliable, and Customer-Oriented

Dan Nettesheim
Dan Nettesheim, President & CEO


“Barcodes’ solutions and services have evolved and will continue to evolve as our retail customers’ requirements change.”

Today’s retail environment needs to compete with the convenience of ecommerce, so a seamless in-store customer experience is top priority. This means items need to be in stock, easy to find, and labeled correctly, and tasks like price checking and checking out need to happen quickly and accurately. Barcodes, Inc. offers technology solutions that can be used on the retail floor, in the backend warehouse environment, and at the point of sale. The payment terminals, mobile devices, printing solutions, software, and networking they provide helps retailers optimize their operations and provide great customer experiences.

Barcodes, Inc. was founded in 1994 and now provides over 70 product categories within the automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) space. As one of the first to offer an online store for AIDC equipment, Barcodes, Inc. saw exceptional growth by developing an industry leading, user-friendly ecommerce experience for a wide range of applications and customers. More recently, the company has invested in a robust professional services team that offers mobile device management, staging, kitting, site surveys, training and other services to supplement and support its hardware sales. Today, Barcodes, Inc. is equipped to deliver Android migration, AWS, warehouse management, point of sale and other software and integration solutions. “Barcodes, Inc. has served tens of thousands of retail customers over the past 25+ years of its existence. We are among the largest solution providers in North America.

Barcodes’ solutions and services have evolved and will continue to evolve as our retail customers’ requirements change,” says Dan Nettesheim, President & CEO of Barcodes Group, Inc.

Barcodes, Inc. utilizes a variety of barcode and payment solutions to enhance the productivity, efficiency and customer experience within the store experience. Enterprise mobile computers are enabled with Wi-Fi or WAN capabilities in order to provide real-time updates on inventory, shelf replenishment, customer requests and mobile point of sale for line busting. Barcode scanning and printing is used to label shelves or products, check out customers at the point of sale and receive shipments of goods. RFID technology is used to track assets throughout the store, conduct quicker inventory counts and provide intelligent data to management. Barcodes, Inc. is able to deliver full point of sale solutions, which include traditional payment terminals, touchscreens, receipt printers and cash drawers, or a mobile point of sale solution with a tablet and integrated payment device.

Barcodes, Inc. has a ‘Design, Deploy and Support’ approach to all technology solutions that are delivered to customers. With this consultative approach, Barcodes, Inc. aims to understand its customer’s unique requirements and then recommend various hardware, software and services options. Barcodes, Inc. holds premier partner relationships with all the top industry brands and has close working relationships with many of the OEM engineering teams. These relationships enable Barcodes, Inc. to deliver inventory ahead of competitors, offer the best technologies available in the industry, provide quick fixes to device issues even if it requires engineering support, and offer competitive pricing for small to large projects while maintaining industry-leading service and support.

The company recently worked with a leading adjustable air-supported sleep systems manufacturer to provide payment terminals, staging, kitting, and installation services for their retail locations. The Ingenico payment terminals selected needed to integrate with existing POS applications, payment processors, and banking systems, and the installation would include 1,400 devices in over 550 stores. BarcodesEdge, the professional services division of the company, managed key injection and device configuration before installing, mounting and testing the devices in-store. Barcodes, Inc. continues to provide device tracking, repair, and inventory management services for this and many other retail customers.

In 2020, the company is all set to expand their Professional Services offering through BarcodesEdge, and provide full support for pre-sale, deployment, and post-sale through their Design, Deploy and Support approach. Pre-sales (Design) services include site surveys, technology consulting, solutions engineering, and product procurement. Deployment includes device configuration, staging and kitting, software integration, project management, and on-site installation service.”