Unifying an Entire Retail Organization

Noel Goggin
Noel Goggin, CEO



“Merchandise financial and assortment plans are the building blocks of a successful merchandise lifecycle — and of a profitable retail business.”

In an era of practically limitless choice, a sustained competitive success only comes to retailers who engage customers differently by genuinely appreciating who they are, whatever they want, and why they purchase. Aptos also believes that appealing customers individually is critical to their success. The company is committed to understanding every client sincerely, fulfilling their needs with the retail industry’s most extensive omnichannel solutions, and to nurturing long-term relationships built on substantial value and trust.

What matters critically to Aptos is the actual value they can deliver to business: the exception they can make in taking a retailer’s store from where it is today to where they want it to be in the future. Aptos accomplishes this by driving consumer engagement, productivity, profitability, and growth. With Aptos, organizations get a partner they can depend on with a superior plan; an active, well-run, customer-focused organization; and industry-leading solutions that are unsurpassed in composition, function, and fit. When a retailer puts all this together, they get the assurance of significant, measurable results that will drive the needle on their success.

Aptos understand that, as a retailer who seeks to lead, want to delight their customers. (Besides, most utmost of them now won’t have it any other way!) But Aptos also understands that they want and expect to be pleased with them, from the initial conversation through the implementation and for years to come. And that’s why, early on, Aptos is committed to engaging its customers distinctly. To go above and beyond what other providers endure as their tried and true. And to deliver excellent value and a unique experience at every point of engagement in acknowledgment to every need.

Aptos starts its process by taking the time to understand the customer’s needs adequately. They choose to ask in-depth questions because they want to achieve exceptional results based on the best possible fit between their solutions and the client’s environment, methods, customers, and objectives. And because Aptos knows that, ultimately, their interests and customers’ interest are the same. They choose to serve customers not as vendors involved in a sale but as collaborative associates engaged with their business. Aptos’ responsibility extends far beyond presenting solutions to assuring they perform continually as intended to drive their customer relationships, business processes, growth, and bottom line.

Aptos choose to be supervised first and foremost not by the pursuit of profit but by sound policies so that we can work together for the right goals in the right way: The Aptos Way—creatively, urgently, authentically, and reliably. And with all of this, Aptos has chosen to commit themselves not just to promises to but to results, and they recognize that the value being derived is inexplicably connected to the value we deliver. This is why Aptos is chosen, with reliance, to connect their compensation directly to customers’ perception of success: of how well they think Aptos is working on their behalf to help move the needle on their progress.

Shoe Carnival, Inc., one of the nation’s biggest family footwear retailers, deployed Aptos’ Merchandise Financial Planning, Allocation and Replenishment, and Assortment Planning solutions across its omnichannel retail enterprise. Once incorporated, Aptos Merchandise Assortment Planning, Financial Planning, and Allocation and Replenishment will formulate a powerful collaboration of planning tools designed to help Shoe Carnival optimize every perspective of the planning process. “Merchandise financial and assortment plans are the building blocks of a successful merchandise lifecycle — and of a profitable retail business,” says Noel Goggin, Aptos CEO and culture leader. “We are thrilled to work with a footwear powerhouse like Shoe Carnival to help modernize their planning strategies and to support their omnichannel transformation initiatives.”