Revolutionizing the Retail Arena

Michael Mauerer_CEO & Founder
Michael Mauerer, CEO & Founder



When Mastercard and Marie Claire began to plan the recent New York City pop-up shop “The Next Big Thing,” they searched for solutions that would support the shop’s purpose: To show off the technology that will reshape the retail industry in the coming years. For payments, that meant Marie Claire and Mastercard needed a mobile POS—and Teamwork Retail was the clear answer. Teamwork Retail has a history of transforming businesses with cutting-edge solutions that simplify retail, and their mPOS was perfect for the pop-up shop. Mastercard chose Teamwork Retail to help them orchestrate payments for the show because of Teamwork’s omni-channel mission.

Teamwork Retail is a POS provider that focuses on unified commerce, their technology is made to go everywhere their customers are and can handle anything from e-commerce to mobile shopping to card payments in brick-and-mortar stores. This is one of the numerous testimonials that prove Teamwork Retail is best at what it is doing and hence has culminated into a leader in the retail arena. Incorporated by Michael Mauerer aka the Godfather of retail software who had envisioned “frictionless commerce” a platform based on a cloud and mobile technologies that served the customer across any and all channels. As CEO of Teamwork Retail, he has remained steadfastly focused on bringing that vision into reality.

Teamwork Retail delivers a powerful new platform that revolutionizes the way retailers conduct their business. The company utilizes mobile devices and web based cloud computing to increase business efficiency and analytics. Their retail management system provides clients with smart, easy-to use applications and mobile POS (point-of-sale) solutions that engage today’s consumers on a much more unique level. Teamwork provides the most diverse and robust POS system available alongside offering complete third party integrations, business intelligence, presence analytics, and much more.

Teamwork Retail has been termed as a comprehensive retail solution that ties every facet of an enterprise together, weaving each and every retail channel through the cloud. The company’s subscription based service gives customers control over inventory, merchandising, replenishment, purchasing, receiving, distribution, customer management, order entry, point of sale, stored value services, payment processing, and e-commerce — in a form they can hold in the palm of their hand. Alongside, Teamwork retail is a completely mobile, cloud-based retail technology solution and their mobile POS delivers a full omni-channel experience.

The company’s mobile retail technology streamlines customer’s businesses operations-one can say that instead of hauling the task to technology, Teamwork Retail brings technology to the task. Teamwork was created to deliver an incredibly powerful solution requiring every day technologies, like an iPad or tablet. Teamwork Retail’s mobile solutions are more powerful, more reliable, and less expensive than legacy POS solutions, while allowing users to conduct sales anywhere on the floor. Whether customers choose to mount their devices, display them on removable stands, or reserve some behind the register for peak hours, Teamwork Retail offers the solution for their business. Teamwork Retail’s devices don’t even need WIFI to make sales as databases are stored on each device and will sync immediately to the cloud once connected back to the internet. This allows for real time reporting to executives via their personal devices. One can say that Teamwork Retail is truly revolutionizing the way retail arena is working and there is much more in store for the days to come.