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Thomas Buckley-Founder-CEO
Thomas Buckley, Founder & CEO

stay-in-frontConsumer goods manufacturers face multiple challenges in the current environment. From supply chain, logistics and cost of material, to the ongoing battle within retail for share-of-shelf, compiling and analyzing large amounts of data from various sources, and the complexity of prioritizing representatives’ store visits and tasks. For almost two decades, StayinFront has focused on developing technology solutions focused on retail execution and improving in-store selling and efficiency.

StayinFront’s roots are in delivering mobile solutions for life sciences companies. In the late 1990’s, StayinFront was created by merging a U.S.-based software reseller with a New Zealand-based developer. Today, the company has 11 offices globally, and their Touch software is deployed on six continents, in over 50 countries and in more than 25 languages. The company’s data warehouse solution, StayinFront Insight, brings together critical data sources to help consumer goods manufacturers understand what is really happening in their retail channels with user-friendly dashboards that convert relevant data to “actions” or “actionable insights.” While StayinFront Digital Merchandising, is designed to allow CPG companies to focus on what matters most – out-of-stocks, share-of-shelf, trade marketing, ROI, and speed of new products to shelf.

With StayinFront 20:20 Retail Data Insight (RDI), they are improving field team’s efficiency and effectiveness by analyzing POS data to direct sales teams to the stores that will generate the greatest incremental sales and while in store, perform the activities with the greatest return on investment.

The flexibility and configurable design of StayinFront TouchCG, allows consumer goods manufacturers to choose the optimal features that best meet their company’s needs. StayinFront TouchCG utilizes the same engine to deliver solutions that cover all routes-to-market, whether it’s traditional trade/small independents or modern trade/big box stores. StayinFront TouchCG was specifically developed with the essential capabilities to support all roles from pre-sales reps, merchandisers, delivery drivers to field supervisors.

Companies large and small need solutions to deal with different routes-to-market, and StayinFront TouchCG is designed to provide tools to effectively execute in all types of stores. StayinFront can offer the configurations required to make sure each role has the exact tools they need to maximize their time to do more, know more, and sell more. In addition to features that touch the sales rep and manager, they continue to spend a substantial amount of time developing back office tools that increase efficiency anddeliver the tools that enable system administrators to maximize the power of the system. StayinFront Admin Portal is a valuable operational tool that helps manage teams and systems to reduce total cost of ownership.

The fact that StayinFront works with six of the ten largest consumer goods companies in the world speaks of their value, but also provides them with constant relevant input related to their products and services. In an instance, the largest snack company in the world, who has implemented StayinFront’s solution in 45 countries and in 25 languages has been able to gain great heights. Their focus is executing against a consistent perfect store philosophy to market across all regions, and StayinFront’s technology helps them achieve that goal.

StayinFront deems themselves fortunate to be able to partner with some great companies, large and small, that add depth to their R&D pipeline by challenging them to solve the problems of today while anticipating the challenges of the future. The company shares with their clients a two-year roadmap all the while exploring future ideas and technology with them and other stakeholders. StayinFront continually evaluates new products, partners and investment opportunities and for the days to come they are focusing on offering video, augmented reality, and route optimization.

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