Synchronizing Data for Enhanced Insights

Nick Dozier Founder CEO
Nick Dozier Founder CEO



Analytics Advancing Trade are the three words which succinctly define Atlas’ raison d’être. This is the reason why Atlas has the ability to ferret through mountains of data and develop advanced analytical tools. The company prides itself in going an extra mile to ensure Atlas clients operate in a better, faster & smarter way. In a nutshell one can say Atlas is driven by discovery because discovery leads to opportunity – which drives innovation – and ultimately advancement.

Atlas has culminated as a leader in retail arena assisting consumer goods organizations make better decisions by harmonizing data and extracting richer insights in less time. Atlas’ single, intuitive interface accelerates the Insight-to-Impact Cycle, while streamlining the flow of information from data to decision. Atlas’ proven methodology empowers suppliers to run reports the way they run their business. Reports, dashboards and alerts are generated based on the needs of each user. This approach provides retailer team leads and category managers with very granular insights. Conversely, senior leadership teams receive actionable insights from across the enterprise.

The company is lead by John Matise as the CEO who is an accomplished senior executive specializing in private equity backed companies. The steadfast leader is experienced in leading companies through major transformations such as rapid growth, challenging turnarounds, major acquisitions and substantial business model changes. Under his leadership the company has climbed new heights and have been able to offer out-of-the-box solutions to the retail arena.

Atlas’ solutions include Reporting Studio for reporting and visualization of custom reporting and an existing library of 6,000+ templates, full ad-hoc reporting capabilities and automated POS downloads and validity checks. They also offer OSA+ (On Shelf Availability) which provides daily zero sales, OOS and ghost inventory, daily dashboard of retail coverage and also prioritized routing. Another solution of the organization is Real-Time Retail Reporting giving a complete view of audit any store, anytime, anywhere, ability to take notes per item, per store, store and retrieve pictures in-store and also auto-send to retail service providers. Atlas also gives the solution of Planogram Automation through which the retailers can automate and customize the planogram development, improve assortment while minimizing resources & understand how changes impact the set “on-the-fly”. ​

Atlas understand that retailer team-leads need insights into their respective accounts, sales personnel need insights into their accounts and channels and brand managers need insights into their categories and brands. Hence, Atlas provides a single, intuitive interface that accelerates the Insight-to-Impact Cycle, while delivering multi-echelon reporting. Atlas’ Four-A methodology empowers each respective user by streamlining the flow of information from data to decision.

In an instance, one of Atlas’ client’s extensive product portfolio, combined with its international distribution, created massive product attribution challenges and equally massive datasets. Atlas software engineers worked with the client’s brand management personnel to automate the product attribution process for every SKU the client sold in thirteen countries. Collectively, the team developed an Auto-Attribution solution that used rules-based routines and machine learning to minimize product attribution costs and lead-times, while improving accuracy.

The result was product attribution accuracy increased from 80 to 99 percent with continuous improvement functionality built into the solution’s machine learning capability. More importantly, the number of labor-hours required for managing product attribution data for the client’s extensive product line was reduced from 80 hours (average) to one hour — an efficiency gain of 98.8 percent. For the days to come, Atlas wants to continuously enhance their offerings and provide the retail arena with innovative solutions.