How to Use Technology to Better Serve the Clients in 2021

How to Use Technology to Better Serve the Clients in 2021

Latest digital technologies have caused a shift in customer expectations. Today’s customers are tech-savvy, constantly connected and often rate organizations based on the digital experiences they offer. Using the latest technology, businesses can easily engage modern consumers and deliver a seamless customer experience.

As we enter into the New Year, the focus of businesses will be on increased retention of the customers by making their shopping experience as delightful as possible. As per a report presented by Forrester, 25% of the brands will have significant advances in the quality of their customer experience in the year 2021. By integrating technology into their business, business owners can ensure the customers have a pleasurable shopping experience and remain loyal to their brand. Here are some technologies that can help them do so.

  • Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning for Hyper-personalized Shopping Experience

As one of the most popular trends for businesses in technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to gain in popularity among brands that wish to provide a hyper-personalized and delightful customer experience. By using the combination of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, businesses can gather and analyze customer-related data that enables them to understand their customers better and provide them with a hyper-personalized shopping experience.

  • Interactive Experiences using Chabot and virtual Reality

With the advancement in retail technology and increased focus on customer experience, the usage of Chabot has grown considerably. With the help of Chabot, businesses can pre-program most of the common issues customers face and relevant responses to them. This way, the simple issues can be solved at that level, while only the ones that are more complicated in nature get passed on to human operators. Also, by combining different technologies, customers can be provided with a customer service experience like never before. For example, with the help of augmented or virtual reality, a customer service representative would be able to walk a customer through technical processes much more effectively than by just using text or call. This would especially be very useful in current times when human-interaction is zero to minimal. This would enable businesses to provide the customers with stellar customer service that is not just faster and convenient but also safer.

  • Increasing Convenience for Customers using Technology

In today’s competitive world, customers’ convenience and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to businesses. That’s why it is very important for them to understand every aspect of the customer journey and make sure that their ride is smooth and pleasurable. Some ways to achieve this include – making browsing features on their website more intuitive, offering fast and convenient shopping through one-touch and cashless payments and enabling faster and easier returns with the help of technology.

  • Tailored Marketing using Technology

As the customers become smarter and more tech-savvy, the ‘one size fits all’ approach is not relevant anymore. Therefore, it is very important for businesses to ‘custom-tailor each one of their marketing campaigns. Businesses can do so by using technology to create targeted marketing campaigns based on customer buying history and demographics so the customers are not overwhelmed with irrelevant products and services. Using technology, digital marketers can ensure that their ads only reach customers who fit their target audience criteria.

  • Location-Based Personalized Services

With location service technology becoming a standard feature on modern smartphones, many customers have location service enabled gadgets in their pockets today. This has allowed businesses to explore more opportunities to offer hyper-personalized services to customers in a way that makes their shopping experience more pleasurable and satisfactory. A good use case of location-based personalized services is location-based navigation services. Using this service, customers can quickly find the nearest store location and avoid wastage of time and unnecessary hassles.

Final words

Providing the customer with the best shopping experience is what every business strives to achieve but for many businesses, especially the smaller ones, integrating new technologies may lead to unprecedented expenses. Therefore, it’s important for businesses to ensure that the technology they use aligns with their customer service strategy. This will not just help their business cut unnecessary expenses but will also be highly effective in providing their customers with a pleasurable and personalized shopping experience.